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SMBS : Secure Mobile Banking System
Introduction :
The penetration of mobiles has been growing at an exponential rate world over. As a transaction originating & processing device, mobiles are becoming an enabler for financial inclusion. The mobile banking revolution perhaps would be the greatest enabler in increasing the bank's reach in the remotest villages in the country.
Secure Mobile Banking System (SMBS) is the leading edge mobile technology solution from BK Systems. SMBS enables the bank customers to use their mobile handset for performing their banking operations in a secure and confidential manner. The banking services can be accessed through standard text based SMS, Encrypted SMS (or secure SMS) and GPRS enabled handsets on a single technology platform.
SMBS leverages the advances in the mobile & computing technology to empower the banks to provide innovative mobile banking services to its customers, thereby bringing the service differentiation. The customer's user experience would also be secure, richer, convenient and delightful.
SMBS server works on Linux OS which is rugged, virus free and optimised for delivering high performance. SMBS client application would work in all major Mobile phone operating systems which provides support Java Runtime environment.
SMBS provides the following methods for integration with Core banking solutions, payment gateways, other host systems.
Dot ISO 8583 based messaging
Dot Connect24 (native API from Infosys) based messaging
Dot XML based messaging interface
Dot HTTP based interface to backend systems
Dot ODBC connectivity based interface
Dot TelAPI (native API from BK SYSTEMS) based interface
Dot Database download
Mobile Client Application :
Dot Language : Java/J2ME
Dot SDK: J2ME Wireless Tool Kit
Dot Runtime Environment: All Java Enabled mobiles
Dot Network Connectivity: GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)
SMBS Server Application :
Dot Operating System: Linux 2.6.28
Dot WebServer: Apache2
Dot Language: Perl, Ruby, Ruby on Rails and PHP
Dot Protocol: HTTPS
Typical Mobile Banking Services
The list of typical mobile banking services that are offered by SMBS are as listed below. The services provided would depend on the type of integration capability provided by the back end systems/payment gateways.
Retail Banking Services :
Dot Balance Enquiry Dot Mini Statement
Dot Cheque Related Information Dot Cheque Status
Dot Stop Cheque Dot Cheque Book Request
Dot Funds Transfer Dot Own Accounts Transfer
Dot Inter-Bank Transfer Dot Intra-Bank Transfer
Dot SMBS Profile Dot Change Primary Account
Dot Change Inquiry PIN Dot Change Transaction PIN
Dot My Services Dot Upgrade SMBS
Dot General Information services Dot Request for Debit Card
Dot Request for ATM Card Dot Deposit Rates Information
Dot Forex Rates Information Dot Bullion Rates Information
Dot Location of ATM Dot Location of Branch
Dot Feedbacks and Complaints Dot About SMBS
Dot Logout
Credit Card Services
Dot View Statements
Dot View unbilled transactions
Dot Make Payments for credit card dues
Dot Make payments for merchant transactions using credit cards
Dot Payment History
Dot Reward Points & Redemption
DEMAT Services
Dot Holding Statement
Dot Transaction Statement & Status
Dot Bills Enquiry
Dot Stocks Enquiry
Dot View unbilled transactions
Value Added Services
Dot Mobile pre-paid top up
Dot Utility bills payment eg Electricity, Telephone
Dot Other payments eg school fees
Dot Ticketing eg Railways, Airline, Bus, Movie
Dot Payment to places of worship/pujas etc
Other Generic Functions :
The following generic services related to logging, security and usage are inbuilt into SMBS
Dot 2-Factor based authentication for registration of service
Dot Multiple modes of registration - SMS, Web Site, Request at Branch, Request at Call Center
Dot 2 level PIN system - MPIN for login; TPIN for transacting
Dot Locking of PIN/TPIN upon configured number of authentication failures
Dot PIN/TPIN never stored in the handset
Dot Session expiry upon lapse of configured time of inactivity
Dot End-to-End encryption
Dot Digital signature based encryption
Dot Provision of funds transfer limits - user level, service level and cumulative level
SMS Alert & Bulk SMS services:
Typical Alert and Bulk SMS services which supported by SMBS are detailed below.
Alert Services
This facility can be used by the bank to proactively inform the customer about the transactions happening on the account. For providing these services, the core banking interface should send messages to SMBS Server whenever the respective event occurs. SMS alerts to the customers can be classified into the following two categories.
Event Based Alerts : Event based alerts are those SMS messages which are sent to the customers whenever the configured event occurs eg Salary Credited, Account Credited, Account Debited, Cheque Bounce.
Limit Based Alerts : Limit Based Alerts are those informed to customers whenever their balance amount reaches a minimum or maximum value.
Bulk Services
In this type of SMS messaging service, the bank would be able to send SMS to large number of customers automatically and within a very short time. The typical services provided under this category are Day End Balance, Interest rate changes, Intimation of payments due, Product Advertisements, Seasonal and personal greetings etc
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