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Altum IVR : Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)
Introduction :
Altum Interactive voice response (IVR) systems have been around since the 1980s and are still going strong. The Altum IVR systems have been a major contributor in increasing the overall efficiency of the Contact Center, improve revenue generation and also in providing an outstanding customer experience. Altum IVR systems are both strategic and tactical solutions that are mission-critical for the growing number of contact centers. Most customers find them convenient, easy to use, and have come to depend on them. Contact Centers are effectively using Altum IVR systems to reduce the cost of common sales, service, collections, inquiry and support calls. The Altum IVR held the contact centers to reduce the agent talk time at the same time provide the expected level of service. Contact Centers have also deployed Altum IVR systems where confidentiality of information during transaction is very critical eg credit card authorization.
Automate Customer Interaction using Altum IVR :
Altum IVR enables the Contact Center to automate the customer interaction providing high quality services 24/7. The product has a proven track road of successful implementations across various sectors. The essence of Altum IVR is its ability to offer 'self-service' for the user and it is ideally suited to service high call volumes. The usage of Altum IVR therefore brings the twin benefit of cost reduction and improved customer experience.
Altum IVR finds multiple applications in contact center some of which are mentioned below.
Dot Interacting with the customer and routing the calls to the most appropriate contact center agent.
Dot Provide call specific information based on the customer's identification viz customer number, call Id etc.
Dot Providing customer specific information viz account balance, billing details.
Dot Enabling customer specific transactions viz stop payment of cheque, reporting of lost credit card, payment to credit card, funds transfer, payment for utility services etc.
Dot Accepting inputs from customers both in the form of voice and punched numbers for form filling.
Dot Checking the status of the order, availability of product.
Dot Call Queue manager for handling of customers while on the queue including providing call back request, playing of context specific promo messages.
Dot Post call survey for the customer satisfaction.
Dot Outbound call services viz intimation of alerts, receipt of payment, bills due, confirming appointment.
Dot Enable outbound call campaigns using build-in schedulers so that the calls are received by the customer in non-intrusive times.
Dot Top up for pre-paid card holders.
Dot Credit card authorization for transactions done at the Contact Center.
Altum IVR System :
Altum IVR has been built with Reliability, Scalability, Integrability and ease of use in mind. The complete solution is implemented on Server Grade Linux OS and uses PostgreSQL RDBMS. Altum IVR seamlessly integrates with the Telephony environment in the contact center and enables the automation of interactions with the callers.
Key Modules :
Altum Screen Pop – The CTI screen pops module which would shorten call length and personalize the agent-customer interaction by sending customer information to the agent desktop along with the call. The information being sent include the information collected from the caller as well as the information obtained from the backend systems.
Altum Call Routing – The intelligent call routing module which will enable the customer to be connected to the agent best suited to handle the customer. The call routing module provides GUI options for parameterizing the rule definition of agent group selection.
Altum Call queue manager – The call queue manager module which montors the agent status, maintains the customers in the various skill based/profile based queues, provides context specific messages. The system also provides queue skipping function for priority customers and call back request services.
Altum Reporting – All the interaction between the customer and Altum IVR are logged in the database. GUI based flexible reporting tools provided to extract the required reports from these database. The reports are also download able in text file formats.
Altum Status – Channelwise online status of call interaction taking place between the customer and the Altum IVR system. Online status of the connectivity with the various backend systems.
Turnkey Solution Model
The Altum IVR solution is offered on a turnkey basis consisting of the Telecom interface hardware, the Altum IVR server licences, the customisation of the product, integration with the voice and data environment existing in the Contact Center, implementation and support. The typical Altum IVR project could involve the following activities :
Dot Consulting Activity – This involves the study of the requirement, map the feasibility and caution areas.
Dot Design Activity – This involves the preparation of the System Requirement Specification and design of the solution based on the Consulting Activity.
Dot Customisation & Development – Implement the Altum IVR call flow and backend integration as per the SRS.
Dot Testing – Testing of the Altum IVR application on a pilot basis prior to go live. The testing would be both off site testing and onsite testing.
Dot Implementation – Implement the Altum IVR on the live setup.
Dot Support & Management – Maintain the Altum IVR system and provide product/customisation improvement on a ongoing basis to meet the changing needs of the Contact Center.
Altum IVR'S Salient Features
Dot Live information dissemination by voice.
Dot Tone recognition.
Dot Modular design for handling multiple lines – ease of enhancement.
Dot Voice response by pre-digized pleasant human voice.
Dot Multi-lingual support.
Dot Configurable voice menus.
Dot Quicker navigation by experienced callers - pre-emption.
Dot Interface with leading PBX eg Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Siemens.
Dot Host interface through API, HTML, ODBC or Terminal Emulation.
Dot Database of all transactions are logged and are maintained locally.
Dot Various types of report may be extracted from the logs. Reports can be provided in a flat file format for MIS purposes.
Dot Caller can leave a verbal message which is recorded, time stamped and documented.
Dot Voice scheduler for automatically sending out messages.
Partial List of customers
Our Altum IVR solution has been operational at leading banks in our country for over 7 years now. All these solutions are integrated with the core banking solution being used in the bank.
Axis Bank, All India Call Center : Altum IVR with 9 E1 capacity which is integrated with the Core banking System, Credit Card System and DMAT system. The Altum IVR supports English, Hindi and 6 regional languages.
Union bank of India, All India Call Center : Altum IVR with 6 E1 capacity which is integrated their core banking system, DMAT system and CRM System. The Altum IVR is interfaced with Nortel PBX through Nortel CTI interface for providing screen popups. The Altum IVR supports English, Hindi and 7 other regional languages.
NSN Limited : Altum IVR with 2 E1 capacity for giving information to the field engineers on the Network element level faults in their respective BSS & OSS.
Oriental Bank of Commerce : Enterprise wide Telebanking solution for all their branches in India. The solution is integrated with Finacle Core banking solution.
Reserve Bank of India : Telebanking System for Public Debts Office (PDO), Mumbai & Chennai. Telebanking System for Deposit Accounts Dept (DAD), Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneshwar, Patna, Nagpur, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Calcutta.
IDBI Bank : Enterprise wide telebanking for all their branches in India. The Telebanking System is interfaced with Finacle from Infosys and with DP Secure package from CMC for DP related information.
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Customer's Speak
“The Bank has procured Telebanking solution from BK SYSTEMS. We enjoyed working with them and found them to be highly professional, technically competent and taking extra efforts to meet our challenging schedule. We wish BK SYSTEMS the very best.”
- Mr. Abhay Vidyarthi, DGM (Union Bank of India, India)
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